Phoenix Conversion System Details


  • The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' is a Self steering axle conversion system that is compatable with practically all makes of semi-dump trailers without having to modify chassis or relocate cross members and re-paint the frame.
  • The benefits of converting a non-S.P.I.F. trailer as opposed to purchasing new/newer equipment is the system allows equipment that has a productive and useful life to continue to operate and is less than 75% the cost of new semi-trailers.
  • With the recent fall out of the economy over the last few years and the competitiveness in the industry, The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' will allow you to be more competitive as you will gain 1,500kg payload over non-S.P.I.F semi-trailers (newer than 1996) gain 4,500 kg over non-S.P.I.F. semi-trailers (older than 1996), and equal AGVW of new S.P.I.F. semi-trailers.
  • HTA Regulation 413/05 stipulates that semi-trailers are eligible for a Extended Permitting providing they were manufactured less than 15 years ago & the appropriate permit is purchased. Once a trailer reaches 15 years (semi-dump trailers) from date of manufacture a total weight reduction of 4,500 kg per lift axle will be levied. The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' will allow any semi-trailer to avoid these financially devastating weight reductions, and even be competitive against competition with new equipment!
  • The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' will allow the same axle weights as a new trailer with no 'Pit Reductions' or other weight restrictions. Our systems also ultilizes dual tires on the self steering axle that maintains your MAXIMUM allowable weight of 9,550kg per axle! (triaxle trailers). This eliminates the loss of (-1,650kg) by use of Single Tires on Triaxle Trailers that other systems are only able to offer!


  • The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' is a cost effective alternative to replacing the complete chassis of the trailer. The warranty of the suspension and the axles of the 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' is exactly the same as a new trailer, 5 years!
  • The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' also strengthens the old chassis so the extreme forces that are exerted on the chassis during steering do not compromise the existing trailer frame and ultilizes modern air-ride suspensions which are designed for the rigors of heavy haul applications.


The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' VS Future Upcoming Changes
  • The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' is compatable with the up coming changes that will allow Quad axle semi-trailers (3-1 & tandem, tandem configurations) that were not previously available to be converted, to be converted to meet the S.P.I.F. regulations
  • The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' is compatible for other Jurisdictions where converting to air-ride tandem and tridem configurations from older spring and rubber bushing style suspensions is desired without relocating chassis cross members.