Phoenix Conversion System


The First Fully Functioning, Full Aire Ride S.P.I.F. Conversion System
  • This system was developed as a solution to the regulatory phase out of older semi-dump trailers in Ontario, of which phase 4 begins January 2011
  • The financial burden of selling or replacing a semi-trailer manufactured prior to 2002 for individuals & fleets due to regulatory changes can detrimentally affect a companies bottom line & productivity!
  • Complete package available to qualified installers with proper Transport Canada NSM for conversions to chassis to meet the requirements of Highway Traffic Act (HTA) Regulation 413/05 Safe Productive Infastructure-Friendly (S.P.I.F.)




Looking for Ontario Regulation 413-05 - S.P.I.F. Vehicle Information? Contact Us
  • The 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' was pioneered and designed by David Hilliard - President of Larry's Custom Trailer Mfg. Inc.
  • Ridewell Suspensions is the exclusive suspension for the 'PHOENIX CONVERSION SYSTEM' as being a development partner for this system.


About Custom Trailers
  • Our small manufacturing and repair facility gives us the capability of producing 60 trailers a year.
  • Major collision repairs and modifications are done in the same facility.
  • We have found in the past 30 + years there is no glory in producing large numbers of trailers and have concentrated on producing fewer high quality trailers that are built to our own exacting standards with high quality materials and superior workmanship.
  • We deliver high quality trailers every time and on time.
  • Quality doesn't come cheap and the memory of a cheap deal fades fast when the pain of expensive repairs sets in.
  • Custom dump trailers have a reputation for high resale value.